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chlometov asked: I LOVED that Access Hollywood interview. Rupert looks so handsome! I think it's great that he's getting stage experience, I can see that it's building his confidence. He seems much more articulate and less shy in this interview. If only the interviewers stopped interrupting so much...

Oh yes! So much this. I’m so so proud of Rupert Grint. You have no idea. Wait maybe you do. But you know what I mean. xD



Dan’s off making movies and shows and Emma is a UN women goodwill ambassador. Anyone else wonder what happened to Rupert? 

Starring on Broadway with Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick, I think he’s doing okay.



Hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to gif the new interview of Rupert! (At this moment I'm just on my phone.) He looks absolutely so friggin handsome!



I think one of the most depressing things about being a fan of something on this site is going into the tags, and finding hate. As most of you know, Emma Watson has become a spokeswoman for the U.N. Which I’m sure fans of hers are really excited about, and they have every right to be happy.